University Library

The University library is an academic library that provides information support for studies, teaching, science and research carried out at the University of Ostrava. We offer study literature for loan, and we try to lead our users to better information literacy. Our services are provided not only for students and academic staff of the University of Ostrava, but also for external users. We try to do our best to tailor our services to our user’s needs. We emphasize the development of online services and the expansion of the electronic information resources important for science and research.

Activities in our library develop the mission of the university; we help make study and scientific work more effective and pleasant. Throughout the years we have been modernizing the premises of our library so that they would be an attractive place for everyday study sessions and meetings. We cooperate with the faculties of our university and participate in university events.

Our library has not only books, professional magazines or audiobooks, but also prestigious databases, online journals, and e-books. University library is located in the center of Ostrava and the study rooms are located in the university faculties all over the city. We methodically manage more than 30 faculty libraries at our university.

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Phone: +420 553 46 1202

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Updated: 14. 08. 2023