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Lending services

I want to borrow a book

Use the University Library catalogue to find documents you want to borrow. Log in to your reader account using your student number (for University of Ostrava students), your Novell login name (for University of Ostrava staff), or your library card number (members of the public). After finding a document you want to borrow, click on the button “Order” and then confirm your choice on the next page. You can check on the status of your orders, loaned documents etc. by clicking on “My Library Card” in the top menu. The lending desk at the Library will then prepare your document for you to collect – you must collect documents within 7 working days of ordering them. When collecting the documents you will need to show your ID card (library card).

If the document has been loaned out to another reader, you can request the item in the same way as ordering an available document. As soon as the document is returned (and provided that nobody has reserved it before you), you will receive an e-mail telling you that the document is ready for you to collect.

I want to extend the loan of a book

If the book has not been requested by another reader, you can extend the loan of the book via the “My Library Card” menu. You can extend the loan of a book a maximum three times.

I want to return a book

You can return a book

  1. in person – books from the Library lending desk (Bráfova Street) should be returned there, and books from a faculty study room should be returned to that study room. Anybody can return the book – it does not need to be you.
  2. in person – books from the Library lending desk (Bráfova Street) should be also returned in every faculty study rooms. Returned books are deleted from your account immediatelly.
  3. via the Bibliobox – the Bibliobox is located outside the entrance to the University Library building (Bráfova Street), and it is a quick and easy way for you to return books to the University Library. The return will be processed in the system by the next working day. The loan of other books (still in your possession) will not be automatically extended; if you overrun the loan period, you will have to pay the fine as normal – either on your next visit to the University Library or at a faculty study room.
  4. via the Book Box – a quick and easy way of returning books to four of the faculty study rooms: The return will be processed in the system by the next working day.
  5. by post to the address: Univerzitní knihovna Ostravské univerzity, Bráfova 3, 701 03 Ostrava. After receiving the book we will send you an e-mail message to confirm the return.

Updated: 25. 03. 2019

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